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Lift and Slide
Setting the subsurface track…this track system will only show ¼" above the finished floor!   Assembly of the jamb is next. All jambs are pre-drilled with holes to show the way.   Setting the jambs in place. Note the black wall (supplied by others) which will become part of the pocket where the doors slide into when in the ‘open’ position. There will be an “interior” pocket wall erected after the entire door unit is installed which will complete the total pocket assembly…hiding all doors when in the open position.   Next is setting the first door and sliding along the track to insure smooth operation.
A second door is set and brought together with the first to check for plumb, level and square.   All of the remaining doors are set and checked for perfect operation…this view is from the exterior. Note: there are screen doors installed with this assembly. They are already pocketed to the exterior of the unit. They could be installed to the interior if so desired.   This view is from the interior of the ‘Pool House’ where this particular door unit was installed.  
This view is the bare opening…all dimensions are identified by LAG Design in pre-construction drawings.   The jamb assembly is next. On the Grand Openings ‘Folding’ Doors, a sill is typically used and assembled along with the side and head jambs. This unit is an outswing assembly. Many of our doors are also inswing models.   The first set of doors are hung and checked for smooth operation.   More doors are set and checked for plumb.
Depending on the number of doors, the install process continues until completion…checking for ease of operation with each install.   All doors operate smoothly.   Final adjustments are made to insure a complete, accurate assembly and installation.  
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All Wood Doors By Lag Design®   

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