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All Wood Doors by Lag Design®

Choose from two types of systems:
Folding or Sliding

Enhance your views
Bring the outdoors into your home
Expand your kitchen, your family room, or any room
Make your home an inviting living space…with outdoor excitement
Any wood species / multiple hardware finishes / pre-finishing options/professional installation offered
Down to Lift and Slide Door Style
Folding Grand Openings… move with fingertip ease.
Versatile...fills any opening up to 13' 1" in height and 47' in width.
Radius openings also available
Numerous design options...from full view glass to any number of raised panel options.
Your choice of a number of wood species.
Individual door panels can range anywhere from 1' 8" to 3' 7" in width and up to 13' 1" in height. Can open inward or outward, and can be arranged to open at center or divided to open at virtually any point  Click here to see some of the more popular configurations.
Individual leaf can act as operating door only in an odd number of door configuration while others remain in place.
State-of-the-art hinges and stainless steel bearings in the pivots and carriers allow door to move with fingertip ease.
Multi-point locking system on certain sizes for security and weather-tight comfort.
High quality weather stripping seals all joints and perimeters.
Choose from stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze or aluminum.
Your choice of flush sill for its subtle appearances, or weather-sealed sill with raised profile to provide maximum protection against wind and water.
Just give us the rough opening and we provide the rest, from frame to your choice of handle.
Wood panels in your choice of hardwood.
No Veneers

LAG DESIGN® doors are of quality stile and rail construction with raised panels. All doors are custom manufactured from clear, kiln-dried lumber and assembled with 3⁄8" steel lag bolts.

Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
Grand Openings—
Folding Doors
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Folding Grand Openings
… Fold them anyway you like—
inward or outward.

12 Popular Folding Door
Configuration Ideas:

View larger drawings in html

Hardware is Centor Architectural
Hardware Finish Choices
• Brushed Metallic
• Oil Rubbed Bronze
• Gold Anodized
Folding Door Standard Handle
For other handle options contact your LAG DESIGN® representative.
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Lift and Slide Grand Openings

Fill any opening from 10' in height to any structurally correct designed width.
Grand Openings—
Lift and Slide
Choose full view glass or any number of raised panel options.
Available in a number of wood species.
Screens available.
Individual panels can be sized from 2' 6" to 10' in width and 14' in height.
Panels slide smoothly and quietly on corrosion-resistant carriages.
Multiple panels can pocket efficiently into a wall to create a breath-taking opening.
Lift and Slide Handle
Ease of operation…the specially engineered handle operates to the touch to control the entire door system. When the handle is dropped the sophisticated hardware allows amazing ease of operation. When the handle is lifted the panel lowers and is locked, providing security and a weather-tight seal.

All Wood Doors by Lag Design®

LAG DESIGN® says, “Size DOESN’T matter!” You tell us how big and we’ll make it for you!
Your choice of hardware finishes for the lift and slide handle and track.
Select from high profile bottom track for maximum weather seal or low profile sill for sleek appearance.
All components are included.

Lift and Slide Handle Options

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Permanent Type Removable Type Finish Choices
• Dark Bronze Anodized
• Silver Anodized
• Anthracite Gray (Shiny Black)
Lift and Slide Grand Opening
Some Typical Patterns
LAG DESIGN® will take your drawings and put the dream to reality. Tell us the size, the wood species, the slide direction and we’ll do the rest.
Pattern A (XO) 1 fixed door and 1 sliding door
Pattern B (XX) 2 sliding doors
Pattern C (OXO) 2 fixed doors and 1 sliding door
Pattern D (XOX) 1 fixed door and 2 sliding doors View larger drawings in html 
Pattern E (OXXO) 2 fixed doors and 2 sliding doors
Pattern F (XXXX) 4 sliding doors
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All Wood Doors By Lag Design®   

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